Getting support from Bsquare

Thank you for using the Bsquare Help Center. Our team is available to assist you, per your support contract.

If you need to report an issue, please use the following steps.

1. Gather all data relevant to this issue

You can assist our Support team by gathering as complete a set of information as possible, including items such as:

  • What issues are you experiencing 
  • What systems are impacted: Host, Platform, Applications, or Website
  • Application URL
  • Date and time (with time zone) that the issue occurred
  • Error messages that you have received
  • Environment or system logs
  • Steps to replicate the issue
  • Any other information you have that will be beneficial

2. Create a support ticket

To create a new support ticket, either:

  • Click the "Submit a Request" link at the top right of the webpage, or
  • Alternatively, send an email to with your information in the message body of the email.

Using either method of ticket creation, you will receive an email confirmation that your support request has been logged, and a Bsquare Support Engineer will be notified to begin processing your request.

If you need to add further information to your support request later, simply "Reply" with your new information to the latest email you received from our support system, and your request will be updated. 

3. Escalation process

If your issue requires escalation to have an immediate response, see this article


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